Review Policy

We started Story Carnivores because we love books!

Brian and Shaunta are both authors of young adult books. Story Carnivores is a place for us to talk about the young adult fiction we read. Sometimes just one or the other will read and talk about a book. Sometimes we’ll both read a book and talk about it together. We review as readers and writers who truly love a good story, and will talk about a book in that way.

We review honestly, which means that there might be a negative review here. That being said, our reviews are never mean spirited, and we are both teachers so we know how to give the good with the bad! Our reviews include a synopsis from Amazon or the back of the book, and a 1-5 rating. We post our reviews on Amazon and Goodreads as well.

Would you like us to read your book? Here’s how to get there:

Email us at

Tell us your name. Tell us about your book. Who published it? We’re open to hearing about self-published books, but would like to see the first three pages before deciding to review it. When was or will it be published? Give us a synopsis.

We also love to host guest blog posts or interviews from authors, as well as book give aways.

We are open to reviewing any genre of Young Adult novel, but have soft spots for horror, paranormal, dystopian, fantasy, and GLBT novels, and really well written contemporary stories. Also books that can make us laugh until we cry. We’re open to extra-special middle grade books as well, but are very picky about them.

We love to discover new authors and would love to hear about your debut novel!

If you send a book without contacting us first, we can’t promise we will review it.

We may sometimes share ARCs or finished books sent to us by publishers with other bloggers.

If your book is the second in a series, please send the first book as well so we can give the best review. It’s hard to read a book out of order. You can ask us about sending more than the first and second book, but we’ll have to fall completely in love to say yes.

Books we request are our first priority. We also review books based on release date sometimes, rather than the order we receive them.

Links in our posts are often to Amazon, where we have an affiliate account. Any funds accumulated this way go to the maintenance of this blog, to buy books for review, to pay for book-related adventures that we’ll blog about, and to buy movie tickets for films we review here. If you enjoy Story Carnivores, clicking on a link and purchasing anything from Amazon once you land there is a good way to do it. Thanks!


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